“The key to a smile with the perfect balance of strength and beauty can’t be rushed with quick fixes. Strong gums and sturdy bone support your teeth and all of the structures that make your smile a success and your body healthy!” –K. Brittain, DDS

Symptoms of Gum Disease
The most important thing to know when it comes down to periodontal (gum disease) and the infection is that part of this disease you will not be aware of until the symptoms have advanced. Periodontal disease has an extended association with 22 other life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and autoimmune diseases primarily due to the inflammatory process caused by a C-Reactive Protein (CRP). Some of these advanced dental symptoms are loose teeth due to supportive bone loss, strong offensive breath odor due to necrotic tissue and uncontrolled bacteria, and swollen tender bleeding gums. So, how do you avoid being a victim of this disease? It’s simple, easily diagnosed, treatable, and part of every exam that Dr. Brittain performs in her Weston Cosmetic and Family Dental Practice. Let us help you create a customized plan back to health and safety!


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Visual Signs of Gum Disease

  • EARLY PERIODONTAL DISEASE early-300x225 Symptoms: Plaque, calculus (tartar) red, swollen gums
  • ADVANCED PERIODONTAL DISEASE advanced-300x216 Symptoms: Plaque, calculus (tartar), red, swollen gums, bone loss and root exposure

Laser Care

  • Laser can be useful in a variety of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures. They are especially useful for periodontal disease (gum therapy) advancements in soft tissue. Laser technology now makes it possible to reduce bleeding, swelling and the bacteria causing the infection as well as promoting a faster healing time.
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